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Issues in Hearing and Speech Science from the HESP Terps at the University of Maryland


 Welcome to HESP InTERPretation

This is a space where clinicians and researchers in Communication Sciences and Disorder (CSD) share their interests, curiosities and questions.  Written and moderated by HESP faculty at the University of Maryland, this blog seeks to bring a wide range of perspectives and insights into the currents state of hearing, language and speech science. We hope to raise questions and inspire the field to seek new ideas and innovative answers. We hope you will join the conversation!


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About HESP

HESP is the department of Hearing and Speech Science at the University of Maryland. The department has strong connections with diverse organizations in related clinical and research institutions on campus and in the Washington DC and Baltimore metro areas.

For more information about the academic programs offered through the Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences visit hesp.umd.edu.

For more information about Clinical Services and Hearing and Speech Clinic please visit www.hespclinic.umd.edu

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